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Report: Pacers Bringing Lance Allred To Camp

According to this report and this comment from Adrian Wojnarowski, the Indiana Pacers will bring Lance Allred in for a front court look during training camp. Sticking with the theme of new storylines, Allred is full of them being the NBA's first legally hearing impaired player, not to mention an author of a book on his unique path through life on the hardwood.

Allred was apparently set to play with BC Khimik in Moscow, Russia after spending the bulk of the past four season playing for the NBDL's Idaho Stampede, a team that plays in Boise, Idaho which is roughly 300 miles south of Moscow, Idaho. That's not really a storyline, just some useless geography trivia.

As we know, there is currently no room on the roster but Allred should get enough reps to show if he's worthy of making an NBA roster whether that be with the Pacers or some other team keeping an eye on the big man.

...and please, avoid the hanging insensitive softball of comparing Tyler Hansbrough to Allred with regard to ear issues. Obviously, there's no comparison. Thank you.