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IC Cold Links: Earl Watson Weighs His Next Move, Paving Market Square Arena

Fortunately, the city can return to normal now that Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts showed up for the NFL season in proper form last night by beating the New York Giants. Still, with NBA training camp a week away things remain quiet on the Pacers' front.

A few links of interest today include Earl Watson trying to decide where to sign as a free agent. He's worked out for Utah which seems like a nice spot on a team that could make some playoff noise, but the minutes will be more plentiful elsewhere. After last season I'd assume he'd prefer wins so we'll find out where he lands soon.

Also, after several proposed uses for the old site of Market Square Arena have failed to follow through, the city will simply pave the current gravel parking lots where the old arena used to stand. Hopefully a better use for the site will come along in the future, but we know through all of the CIB hand-wringing that the city certainly can't make better use of the spot at this time. Fortunately, like the arena itself, all of the memories remain above ground.