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Cautious Optimism For Tyler Hansbrough's Return With Pacers

Twitter isn't the most reliable place to get your news, that much is obvious. But it does offer athletes direct access to fans without a media filter.

I keep hearing rumblings and getting tips from people telling me that Tyler Hansbrough is in town and playing ball with teammates. This contradicts the official word from the Fieldhouse last week which Mike Wells reported.

Bird said Tyler Hansbrough still hasn't been cleared to go all out.

"When they release him to go, he'll go," Bird said. "I don't know when that's going to happen. I know he's got another meeting with his doctors coming up."

Yesterday, Paul George responded to a question asking if Hansbrough was playing with the rest of the guys by simply stating, "Psycho T is back."  Certainly sounds like positive news, but as I mentioned to a couple of folks yesterday, I'll believe it when I see him play with my own eyes, not to mention play for a few weeks straight with no issues. Now It may be possible that Hansbrough met with the doctors since Bird's comments (on September 7th) and was cleared to play. Regardless the team is keeping information about Hansbrough close to the vest.

The broader point, is that the Pacers front office is obviously minimizing expectations for Hansbrough and A.J. Price since there remains some unknown risks associated with their return to the court. Even if we see both on day one looking better than ever, that doesn't mean they'll be there on day two or day ten. So consider PG's tweet a dose of cautious optimism.