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Roy Hibbert Trying To Fire Up The Fieldhouse With Area55

Roy Hibbert and the Indiana Pacers are following the lead of Andrew Bogut and the Squad 6 section he funded at the Bradley Center last season for Milwaukee Bucks games. Bogut's crazies were credited with amping up the atmosphere at home games, contributing to the Bucks' success, at least until injuries slowed them down.

Today Hibbert and the Pacers announced the creation of Area55 at the Fieldhouse, a section where the Pacers' center will give 55 fans a chance to audition for tickets to cheer on the blue and gold.

Roy Hibbert has purchased 55 season tickets that he will give away to 55 loud and crazy fans in Area 55. Roy is looking for fans that will be loud, crazy, energetic, die-hard Pacers fans, Roy Hibbert fans, fans who will dress the part, fans who will lead chants during the game and fans that aren’t afraid to be seen on the video board.

Here's a link to a few videos explaining what the big fella is looking for from his crew. Video submissions will start the process, so here's the link to the audition page. Now fire up the camcorder and earn those tickets