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IC Cold Links: Granger, Gordon Headed To New York, Walsh May Be Looking To Leave

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As Derek Schultz mentioned int the comments in my previous post on Isiah Thomas consulting with the Knicks, Donnie Walsh had no interest in bringing Zeke back to the Knicks in any role and his owner Jim Dolan made it all happen behind Walsh's back. Lovely.

From the initial reports, I heard that Dolan wanted this to happen but couldn't believe Walsh wasn't at least agreeable to the arrangement. But according to reports like this, that indeed was not the case.

Now there's talk of Walsh trying to leave stage left from New York before things get any nuttier and as Frank Isola writes today, no one in the basketball-mad city would blame him.

Two quick thoughts come to mind reading through the stories on this mess. The first, Donnie Walsh must really appreciate the working relationship he had with the Simons during his tenure with the Indiana Pacers. For all of those years, the Simons made it a point to trust the basketball decisions to Walsh.

The second thought is that LeBron James taking his talents to South Beach appears that much smarter today since he avoided a starring role in the drama at Madison Square Garden.

After the jump, a few more links of interest, including a look at chances of Danny Granger and Eric Gordon making the final 12-man Team USA roster for the World Championships.