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Isiah Thomas And Donnie Walsh Together Again

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If Donnie Walsh has a weakness as an NBA decision-maker, it's his sincere belief in power of redemption.

Walsh never gives up on good people gone wrong (from a basketball perspective) and seems to always be there to offer a second, third or fourth chance. The latest evidence of Walsh's soft spot came yesterday with the news that the New York Knicks were bringing in their former GM/Coach/Mess-maker to consult with the Knicks' front office.

But Isiah is keeping his coaching job with Florida International University? Yeah, that won't work.

FIU is probably real happy that they breathed new life into Zeke's basketball career and now he's already scraping and clawing his way back to the NBA. I'm sure we'll hear about all of his good intentions, but how can he possibly recuit any decent players when they know he has a part-time gig in New York?

Isiah has proven time and again that he can talk his way into new and exciting opportunities. Unfortunately, he usually leaves a wake of destruction behind him.

FIU better prepare the cleaning crew.