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Mark Boyle, Walking With A Purpose

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Earlier this summer, I had a chance encounter with Pacers' play-by-play man Mark Boyle in the parking lot of Hinkle Fieldhouse. Boyle's attire caught my son's eye and after a double-take revealed it was Boyle, my son asked, "Why is he wearing pajamas?"

Actually, it was more of a sighting than an encounter because an encounter would indicate we had some interaction. That just wasn't possible. Even my loudest bellow of "BOYLE!" (which I was nowhere near attempting in my under-caffeinated state at 7:30AM) wouldn't have phased Mark since he was not walking in the strolling sense of the word, but instead keeping a strong pace, walking with a purpose, well into a good sweat on a steamy summer morning, making those purple, Stewie embossed drawers work. Plus, he wouldn't have heard me anyway since he was rockin' the Bartman headphones, which made me wonder what he was listening to. I don't see Boyle being the inspirational music type, but whether a podcast, book or music, whatever he was listening to wasn't slowing him down.

Little did I know at the time that Boyle was indeed walking with a purpose and that purpose was greater than staying fit enough to eat and drink to his heart's content. Nope, Boyle was in training for a major, offseason endeavor that will have him walking to raise money for the Indiana Children's Wish Fund. Consider it Boyle's own personal Indy 500 as he plans to walk 500 miles around the state, starting in Fort Wayne on August 17th and ending at the Pacers Foundation Golf Outing at Brickyard Crossing on September 21st (I'm assuming Boyle will employ a cart for the golf outing). For you stat geeks, that's a tick under 15 miles per day for 35 straight days.

Feeling lazy yet?

Needless to say, this is a great cause and I encourage everyone to go to The Wish Walk site and make a donation. It's real easy: Mark does all of the work and you get to feel good about donating to help the Indiana Children's Wish Fund. I've added a link to the left sidebar as a friendly reminder, plus you'll want to bookmark the site even after donating because Boyle will be adding updates from the road throughout his trek. There's no doubt these updates will be entertaining and well worth the donation alone.

Good luck, Mark! Completing the 500 miles will truly be UN-BEEE-LEEEEEEEEVABLE!!!!!