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Roy Hibbert Continues Summer Work With Bill Walton

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Sounds like Larry Bird tapped his contacts list to find a Hall of Fame center to work with Roy Hibbert.

Hibbert has been in town all summer working out at the Fieldhouse and now, as reported by Mike Wells, the Pacers' center is working out with Bird's former teammate, Bill Walton. In discussing his take on the playing rotation should the Pacers' roster remain the same, Wells had this to say about Hibbert.

C: Roy Hibbert - The big fella has lived in the gym this summer. He's currently working out with Hall of Fame big man Bill Walton. O'Brien won't have a choice but to make sure Hibbet gets his touches if the third-year center has been as impressive as people say.

Walton seems like a perfect fit to work with a willing pupil like Hibbert. Big Roy will probably lap up the hokey stream of positive sayings Walton recites thanks to his many years of listening to John Wooden and the Grateful Dead. More importantly, Walton was the best passing big man to play the game (when he was actually healthy enough to play) so he has more to offer than straight post play advice.

Hibbert has shown flashes of his own deft passing skills in his first two years in the league so this is an area where Walton's influence should help the big fella. Of course, Walton's signature play was the outlet pass which I would love to see Hibbert improve drastically since in order to make the outlet pass you have to first track down the rebound.