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FIBA World Championships Game 3: USA vs. Brazil

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Play in Pool B at the FIBA World Championships gets a little more interesting today when the 2-0 USA team takes on 2-0 Brazil at 2:30PM on ESPN.

Brazil relied on Leandro Barbosa and Tiago Splitter to make things go in their first two games. The familiar flopping hair of Anderson Varejao was not a factor in Brazil's first two games as he rested an injured ankle, but the super-sized Side Show Bob is expected to give it a go today.

In their first two games, the  U.S. team weathered some patches of sloppy play before eventually rolling to victory. If Brazil shows up to play as they have in their first two games, Team USA will need a more consistent to handle Brazil as they should.

After the jump, a few links of interest with stories on the WC action thus far and some reaction to Brandon Rush's suspension.

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