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More Pacers Woes, NBA Suspends Brandon Rush For Drug Violation

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UPDATE II: To clarify, the 5 game suspension indicates Rush's suspension was for failling a marijuana test. Here's a link to the NBA Anti-Drug Program.

UPDATE:  AP reports suspension is for five games. Also, as Mike Wells tweets, this is Rush's third failed drug test. The NBA doesn't notify the teams about the first two failed tests so the Pacers didn't know about the situaion until the third failed test and suspension was revealed.


According to this report, Indiana Pacers shooting guard Brandon Rush has been suspended by the NBA for violating the league's drug policy. Larry Bird's brief statement doesn't reveal any details.

"We have been made aware that Brandon Rush has been suspended for violating the NBA's anti-drug policy," Pacers president of basketball operations said in a statement. "We will do what we can to provide Brandon help going forward."

My immediate questions are: What type of drug violation are we talking about here? How long is the suspension?

Last season, Rashard Lewis was suspended for 10 games after violating the drug policy by testing positive for performance enhancing drugs. I initially assumed Rush's violation is related to recreational drugs as opposed to PEDs. Bird's comment about providing Rush "help going forward" also seems to indicate this is more of a personal issue than a performance enhancing issue.

I'm sure we'll know more soon.