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IC Cold Links: Granger, Team USA Challenge Greece Today; Hibbert, George Ready To Rumble

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Team USA plays their final exhibition game today in against Greece in Athens at 12:00 PM ET on ESPN.

I'm going to have to catch a replay of this one. Hopefully Danny Granger will get a little burn off the bench today for the red, white and blue. According to, Greece ranks third among the FIBA contenders behind Spain and USA. These rankings came out prior to the U.S. win over Spain, plus it is still unknown what impact suspensions may have on Greece after the fisticuffs with Serbia last week put a few key players in jeopardy of missing games.

Also, today we learn that Roy Hibbert has been incorporating boxing workouts into his offseason conditioning program. With UFC in town next month, Hibbert and rookie Paul George put on the gloves for a little action yesterday which I assume will be brought to us in video form soon. For now, some Tweet photo's from George will have to do here and here.

After the jump, plenty of links including some great coverage of Team USA by Chris Sheridan who is following the team in person, plus  Mike Wells' report on Hibbert.