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Ball Don't Lie's Kelly Dwyer Pokes Fun At Former Pacer Troy Murphy, Before Giving Him His Due

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Over the past week, Kelly Dwyer at Ball Don't Lie has been in the process of ranking the Top 30 NBA players at each position. The small forwards were posted yesterday, with Dwyer listing Danny Granger as the 6th best in the league. Today Dwyer turned his attention to the power forwards with posts covering #30-21, and #20-11.

In a piece of cruel, and as yet unexplained humor, Dwyer has made a point of singling out Troy Murphy's "legendary" defense. The photos of 14 of the other 29 power forwards feature Murphy being dunked on, shot over, driven by, blocked or boxed out. Dwyer even dug up a photo of Murphy from his Golden State days.

Whatever his gripe with Murphy, Dwyer showed him some respect listing him as the 13th best power forward in the league. Remembering that these rankings are based on projected performance for this season, it's clear he thinks Murphy will be having a strong year in New Jersey. I've been acting as the designated "we'll miss him more than we think" broken record here at IndyCornrows, so it's nice to see someone else offer recognition of his unique skill set.

The #1-10 power forward rankings should be out later today or tomorrow morning. Stay tuned, and keep your fingers crossed for appearances by Josh McRoberts and Tyler Hansbrough.