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IC Cold Links: Pacers Still In Amundson Discussion; Team USA Needs To Cut One

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A few interesting stories floating around the links today, but one with a direct link to the Indiana Pacers is this blurb on free agent Lou Amundson in USA Today.

Forward Lou Amundson, the odd man out in the Phoenix Suns' offseason shuffle, is expected to sign this week with the Golden State Warriors, New Orleans Hornets or Indiana Pacers. "We're getting close to doing something," said Mark Bartelstein, his agent. "I think we'll get something done with Louis this week." 

It still seems like a stretch for the Pacers to sign Amundson unless another deal is made since there's currently no room on the roster for a free agent. Considering several Pacers, including Danny Granger and James Posey, are represented by Bartelstein the fact that the Pacers remain in the discussion about Amundson raises a couple of possibilities.

Either Bartelstein is working closely with the Pacers to find away to make room for Amundson on the team's roster or the Pacers are doing Bartelstein a solid by raising demand for the former Phoenix forward. At least we know the offseason activity continues at the Fieldhouse.

After the jump, more links of interest including Team USA still sitting on a player cut, a loot at Gordon Hayward and reaction to a wild radio interview yesterday by Memphis owner Michael Heisley.

Also, Mark Boyle's Wish Walk update reveals that Boyle will surpass the 100 mile mark today. Check out the site to donate and laugh at the updates on his trek.