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Antoine Walker Could Redefine The Stretch Four For Pacers

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Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Antoine Walker is desperate to get back in the NBA and according to a story by Jessica Camerato, he's Rocky IV'n it in Louisville with his old college coach Rick Pitino. According to 'Toine's uncle and former Red Sox player, Chico Walker, employee #8  is shedding pounds and drawing a little interest from NBA teams.

Chico estimates Antoine has dropped between 18 and 25 pounds as he continues to improve his conditioning under Pitino‘s watch. "Four to six" teams, he said, have already expressed interest in the forward, who is fighting to land an NBA roster spot for the first time since 2008 when he received a buyout from the Grizzlies.

Let's take Uncle Chico at his word and assume there are 4-6 teams interested in giving Walker a look. Considering the releationship Jim O'Brien and Larry Bird have with the former Celtic, not to mention JOB's connection to Rick Pitino, out of pure professoinal courtesy, the Pacers have to be among those teams interested.

Besides, the Pacers are desperate to fill the power forward slot left open by the departure of Troy Murphy. Could he be the stretch four the Pacers need to replace the Murph?

Uh, no.

This is a preemptive post knowing full well the next round of Walker stories will speculate on the Pacers' interest due to Walker's obvious ties mentioned above. When I think of 'Toine as a stretch four, I don't think of trailing threes, I think of stretched waitsbands.

And this from a guy who enjoyed Walker's prime years in Boston immensely. For some reason I loved all of the aloof threes and shimmies the guy could muster and would love to see him make it all the way back to the league after bottoming out.

But the Pacers have already rolled the dice a couple of time this summer with decidedly mixed results so far. With no room on the roster as it is, I'd much rather the Pacers find a way to sign Magnum Rolle and keep looking toward the future.