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Paul George Is No Dez Bryant, Embraces A Little Rookie Hazing

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Paul George has gotta learn a little respect and Roy Hibbert is here to deliver it.

I'm not sure that makes sense but it sure sounds good through a megaphone.

The Pacers aren't even close to training camp yet, but Hibbert decided the time is now to deliver a little benign rookie hazing to first-round pick, Paul George. followed Hibbert outside the Fieldhouse this time as he went to pick up George and parade him through downtown dressed up in an oversized, foam Yosemite Sam hat, Tamika Catchings (#24) Fever jersey and some ring-striped socks.

While the look was meant to embarrass George, the rookie immediately immersed the outfit in swag and made the whole ordeal nothing but fun. Unlike Dallasa Cowboys rookie Dez Bryant, who made a fuss over common rookie hazing demands, then suffered an ankle injury no doubt attributed to the football gods, George made the outfit all his own. The humbling part that will keep the rook working is the "who is that?" reaction he encountered on the streets. They know who is now, so hopefully he made some new fans.

Man, I really hope George can play. For such a young player, he's comes off so comfortable and relaxed regardless of the situation. Even in his blog entries, his words come off as neither cocky nor overwhelmed but sincere. From his own words, we know HE knows what he needs to work on to improve his game and now we know he's in town putting in that work.

Check out the video after the jump.