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What Could Pacers Offer For Xavier Henry?

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How about a little trade speculation on a slow summer day?

Ronald Tillery reports today that the Memphis Grizzlies have fielded several trade offers for Xavier Henry, the team's still-unsigned-for-reasons-only-known-to-the-Grizz first round pick. With the way the draft unfolded, Henry was my personal choice for the Pacers over Paul George.

Based on my best amateur analysis, I liked both players but George's upside seemed to tilt toward the offensive end and Henry's toward the defensive end. The Pacers' roster at the time tilted to the offensive side of the ball...severely. Let's just say, if the roster was floating on the ocean, it would capsize from all of that weight on the offensive side of the boat. So with the positive defensive reviews for Henry, if the Pacers' were going with a wing, I thought he'd make sense.

Plus, I'm human and more comfortable in familiar surroundings. I was far more familiar with Xavier Henry than I was Paul George. This is where the "amateur" in amateur analysis comes in, because the bushel of upside is obviously there with George, along with his unflappably positive personality which will be an asset in the locker room.

Still, Tillery's article this morning, despite the denial of trade interest from the Grizz front office, had me pondering Henry once again. What would the Pacers offer for Henry if Memphis eventually decides to cut their losses?

After the jump a couple of options along with a few links of interest.

For Henry, the Pacers could offer Paul George, but why would they since they just selected George ahead of Henry two months ago? They wouldn't.

Tyler Hansbrough? He does have roots in nearby SE Missouri but I'm sure Memphis would like to see him, you know, play before making such a trade.

Brandon Rush? I'm in. A swap of the Kansas shooting guards seems to be the most plausible option for the Pacers. I'd be willing to give up the known quantity in Rush even though he's not a finished product, for the potential of a much younger Henry. I have to think the Pacers would, too. The only problem is that the Grizz have a coop of wings similar to the Pacers if you keep O.J. Mayo off the point to go along with Henry and freshly signed Tony Allen. But, they'd have that numbers game with Henry too, so if they get to the point of cutting their losses, Rush may be an option they seriously consider because of his comparable talent and the state of his rookie contract.

What do you think?

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