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IC Cold Links: Pacers Keep Spotlight On Collison, Posey

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Yesterday was a day for good news with the Indiana Pacers holding a press conference for Darren Collison and James Posey.

To make sure the focus stayed on the two newest Pacers, no one from the Pacers' front office, most notably Larry Bird or David Morway, participated in the presser so as to avoid any questions about another new Pacer, Lance Stephenson and his bad news out in New York.

After the jump, plenty of links with coverage from the press conference and other interviews by Collison and Posey. Also, a quote from Stephenson and the Pacers' name linked to free agent Louis Amundson (thanks for the FanShot bodi!).

Finally, Mark Boyle survived Day 1 of his Wish Walk. Check out his progress (very entertaining) and support the cause.