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IC Cold Links: Granger, Stephenson Make Contrasting News Out Of New York

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The Indiana Pacers had more news than they wanted coming out of New York this past weekend.

As exciting as the news was about Danny Granger's 22-point game on Saturday while solidifying a spot  Team USA on Saturday, the late reports Sunday about Lance Stephenson's arrest were equal parts depressing.

With regard to Stephenson, I would guard against expecting a rash decision about his future. These situations are always complicated and take time to resolve themselves. It's best to let it play out and see how both Stephenson and the Pacers handle the situation going forward.

Is it maddening? Absolutely. And that feeling most likely will linger since we'll probably never know all of the details surrounding the situation. The one glaring detail we know is horrific but it also isn't the end of this story.

After the jump, more links with stories about Stephenson and Team USA.