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Pacers' Rookie Lance Stephenson Arrested For Assaulting Girlfriend

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So much for the feel-good month of August for the Indiana Pacers. Second-round draft pick, Lance Stephenson was arrested in the early morning hours of Sunday morning after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend which included shoving her down a flight of stairs.

Stephenson, 19, a legendary player at Brooklyn's Abraham Lincoln High School, roughed up Jasmine Williams, 21, in the stairwell of her Brooklyn apartment building about 5 a.m., according to police.

The 6-foot-5 rookie point guard's blows sent Williams tumbling head-first down 10 steps, requiring her to be treated at a hospital for injuries to her head and neck, cops said.

This is exactly the type of incident which made Stephenson a draft-night risk and saw him tumble down to the Pacers at the 40th pick in the second round despite the first-round talent he's shown on the court.

My thoughts and prayers are with Ms. Williams for a full and speedy recovery. As for Stephenson, vast experience tells us, we'll have to see how this situation plays out and how he reacts from this moment forward.

Also, the Pacers signed Stephenson to a two-year, guaranteed contract so this won't be a cut and run situation. Both Stephenson and the Pacers will have to deal with this mess and we'll all be watching.