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IC Cold Links: Granger Locks Up Spot On Team USA

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It appears Danny Granger had already earned his spot on Team USA for the World Championships, but he wiped out any linger doubt yesterday with his 22-point performance in a practice game against China.

There has been no official comment about the final 12-man roster, but considering that Jeff Green didn't play at all in the game yesterday, it seems like Granger's status was set before the game started. Plus, this comment from Coach Mike Krzyzewski on his final roster decisions indicates Granger is on "solid" ground.

"The chances of us having more than 12 on the plane Monday are good, but it may be one more than 12, or two more than 12," coach Mike Krzyzewski said. "What we're trying to do is see how Lamar (Odom) and even (Kevin) Love do there at the center spot. The 3 spot and the 4 spot with (Kevin) Durant, (Rudy) Gay, (Danny) Granger and (Andre) Iguodala is pretty solid, and the 5 with those two guys (Chandler and Odom) is good."

Seriously, is anyone else having trouble adjusting to all of the positive news for the Pacers? Sure has made for an exciting August.

After the jump a few more links on Team USA. Also, Team USA plays France today in a game that will air on ESPN2 at 1:00PM.

  • US vs. China Box Score
  • AP: US shows speed, shooting in practice with China
    Along with Grangers 22, Eric Gordon pumped in 15 points to continue his solid play with Team USA.
  • U.S. Crushes China "
    John Schuhmann recaps the game including Granger's 10-point burst in the first quarter. "Then things picked up offensively when Granger came in. He scored his team’s final 10 points of the quarter: a left wing three off a drive-and-kick from Rose, a pull-up elbow jumper, a contested layup on the break, and a right-wing three against a zone."
  • Granger Stars as Team USA Moves Closer to Making Cuts -- NBA FanHouse
    Chris Tomasson has more from Coach K on Granger: "Granger's a pro,'' Krzyzewski said. "Danny's done a good job. Danny in Vegas, he hurt his knee and he's out one day. And then here he hurt his finger and he's out a day. And no excuses. Dannny's a key guy for us. Because, when he does shoot the ball, you feel it's going in. He's a bigger guy. He can cover a (small forward) definitely and he'll have to cover a (power forward) at times.''