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Granger On Pacers Offseason: We're Not Done Yet

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 As noted in the FanShots (thanks vernonhowell!), Chris Tomasson talked to Danny Granger after his big outing against China (more on that later) and the Pacers' forward responded to the team's offseason activity as you would expect, echoing the statements of his boss, Larry Bird that the team is trying to make more changes before the start of the season.

But Granger's words weren't speculation based on media reports, the source of his comments were from his own conversations with Pacers' management.

"We're not done yet," Granger said after scoring 22 points for Team USA in a scrimmage Saturday against China at Madison Square Garden. "I talked to management, and we're not done yet. What will happen, I don't know yet. We're still mulling over it. But we got a few things still up our sleeve."

Granger let it be known what the Pacers need after recently dealing power forward Troy Murphy to New Jersey in a four-team trade which netted Indiana point guard Darren Collison and small forward James Posey from New Orleans.

"We're going to have to go after another big, I'm sure," said the 6-foot-8 Granger. "Losing Troy, he was great. I can play the (power forward) but I'm not a true (power forward). So we're definitely going to have to add another big, and I think that will be our main focus."

Nothing stunning in those comments, but they affirm that the internal discussion at the Fieldhouse match what Bird and David Morway have been saying publicly since the Collison trade. There is opportunity at the power forward spot and with the way positive news is starting to fall from the sky for the Pacers, it would be great if a young player like Josh McRoberts took full advantage and seized the position.

But that's a bit too risky considering, despite the recent positive momentum, the team is nowhere near playing with house money yet. Plus, with the imbalanced roster adding a more reliable front court presence is the move to make. Let's just hope they can do it.