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Pacers Add Collison, Posey And Trade Murphy As Part Of Four-Team Deal

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Chad Ford among others has reported that the Indiana Pacers are part of a four-team trade that will send forward Troy Murphy to the New Jersey Nets and bring point guard Darren Collison and forward James Posey to Indiana from New Orleans.

Here is Ford's comments on the Pacers' part of the deal.

For the Pacers, landing Collison gives them the young starting point guard they've been looking for and adds another piece to a young core of players including Danny Granger, Roy Hibbert and promising rookies Paul George and Lance Stephenson.

The Pacers did take on the last two years and $13 million of Posey's contract, but the deal also sliced another $4 million off the team's overall payroll.

My first thought (after the excitement of new story lines to follow) is that the Pacers aren't done yet. I like Posey as a wing option because he can defend, but now the Pacers are even more loaded with wings, so you have to think at least one of them will be moved before the season. Plus, rookie Magnum Rolle is still unsigned (no doubt because of these negotiations) so the team needs to make room for Rolle if they want to keep him around this season.

As for Collison, beggars can't be choosers and Collision adds youth, speed and smarts to the Pacers' backcourt which needed all of the above.

Also, what to do with T.J. Ford. There have also been tweets flying around that the Pacers were trying to buyout T.J. Ford but Ford ain't, well...buyin' it. With Collison in place, dealing T.J. for about anything at this point will be a positive.

Stay tuned, the news is just starting to flow in.