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IC Cold Links: Waiting For Good News On Granger

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The initial news of Danny Granger hurting the ring finger on his shooting hand was a little disconcerting to say the least.

Fresh off the regular season creeping into view after the Pacers released their schedule yesterday, the visual of a dangling digit from 24 points per game was enough to make me recoil in horror.

That was fun. Pack your bags. We'll see you again in October.

But after reading past the headlines, all reports indicate that the reality wasn't nearly as bad as the visual. In fact, everyone from Team USA commenting on the situation, including Granger, are hopeful he can return to play this week. Results of the x-rays weren't reported which will ultimately determine whether or not Granger should continue playing with Team USA.

Until then, we'll wait for good news while expecting the worse.

After the jump, a few links of interest with the reports on Granger, a nice look at Butler's Shelvin Mack, a contract for Luke Harangody and more schedule analysis.