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Granger Leaves USA Basketball Scrimmage With A Possible Finger Injury

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This news originally broke in a pair of tweets from Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix:

 - Danny Granger just had to come out of the scrimmage with a hand injury. Training staff working on him now

 - Granger thinks he may have dislocated his right ring finger on the rim, going to get an x-ray today

Reports are starting to trickle out to other websites, but as yet I haven't seen any information other than what was contained in the Mannix tweets.

While a dislocated finger would likely rule Granger out for the FIBA World Championships later this month, he should be fine for the beginning of the NBA season. Of course, with the Pacers' recent injury history it's extremely difficult to make any projections. With an X-Ray planned for later today, hopefully there will be news tomorrow about the severity and ramifications of the injury.