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Pacers Release 2010-11 Schedule, Open On Road At Spurs, Home Against 76ers

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The Indiana Pacers released their full schedule today so it's time to dig through the games and pick out your must see games at the Fieldhouse for the upcoming season.

The Pacers play three of their first four games on the road including the season opener at San Antonio on October 27th. Kind of a strange opener since playing San Antonio is usually part of a swing through Texas that includes at least Houston or Dallas, but this year the Pacers will swing through Texas again in March to play Dallas and Houston after visiting Oklahoma City.

The Pacers home opener is on Saturday, October 30th against the Philadelphia 76ers. In addition to the home opener, my top five dates are: Miami (only one visit to CFH) on February 15th, L.A. Lakers on December 15th, Boston on December 28th,  Portland (hopefully Greg Oden will still be playing) on February 4th and Utah (Gordon Hayward and family fav, Deron Williams) on February 25th. Oklahoma City would've made the cut on November 28th but I already know I'll be out of town, bummer.

Bruno has a full  breakdown of all of the dates. What are your must see games and/or players?