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Granger In A Good Spot To Make Team USA

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USA Basketball is back at it in New York with 15 players, including Danny Granger of your Indiana Pacers, working to make the final 12-man roster for the World Championships later this month.

From the start of this whole process, Granger has been on the bubble of being cut from the team but as circumstances have evolved, his chances of making the final team appear more solid now than ever before. According to this report, those players on the bubble heading into this week's action in New York are aware of their status.

Assuming the worst case scenario for Granger, consider him on the bubble along with Jeff Green for one open forward spot on the final team. This is where Granger should have a political advantage that no one associated with the proceedings will admit to but that should absolutely be a factor.

For all of its pure and noble motives, USA Basketball is still a marketing arm of the NBA, showcasing some of the league's top players to a world-wide audience and helping spread the brands of various teams at the same time.

From this point of view, Granger should be a lock over Green since Granger would also be promoting the Indiana Pacers as well as Team USA and we all know the Pacers could use all of the additional publicity they can get these days. Green on the other hand, would be one of three players from the Oklahoma City Thunder to go along with Kevin Durant and Russell Westrbrook. Through Durant alone, the Thunder are already a rising brand in the basketball market place.

So unless Granger's play fall completely flat in New York, I expect him to make the final roster to at least help the NBA spread the wealth a little bit.

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