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Pacers Offseason Continues, Although You May Not Notice With The Colts Back In Action

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The arrival of August officially begins the dog days of the NBA offseason.

The Indiana Pacers enjoyed plenty of attention in July with loads of local coverage for their training camp and summer league action that gave fans their first glimpse of the promising rookie class. When the rookies didn't disappoint the bulk of that coverage was positive, which was a nice change and helped balance out the local political debate over the CIB negotiations.

But now the calendar changes to August 1st, the day the Indianapolis Colts report to Anderson (yay, much closer to home) for training camp. So starting today, the Colts will be the lead sports story around town with maximum coverage about every angle of news coming out of camp.

Reggie Wayne and Robert Mathis should dominate the early stories until someone actually sees them in uniform. There will be daily, breathless updates about number one pick Jerry Hughes missing camp until he signs. Of course, no one will remember all of the hand wringing by the end of the month when Hughes is signed and playing in pre-season games. Then there will be the  round of "No duh!" stories that essentially tell us, you know, the Colts are screwed if Peyton Manning gets hurt because these backup options aren't playing too well in pre-season. Gotta have something to complain about, right?

But as far as the Pacers making a big splash with an offseason trade, well, that window has closed. The Pacers passed on making a deal during July which would've allowed the team to max out the public relations of a change for a trade-starved franchise. That doesn't mean they won't make a trade, just that it won't stick through many news cycles unless they land Chris Paul or the Big Three from Miami.

Maybe the Pacers like it that way. If they have a smaller deal in mind, whispering the move with the Colts' megaphone blasting won't invite the scrutiny it would've back in mid-July.

I mention all of this not to complain. I'll be mopping up all of the football coverage since I love the Colts and the NFL, not to mention college football. Just a little reminder in case you're wondering where all of the NBA stories went. Essentially they've been sucked up in the NFL Super Vac. But that doesn't mean there won't be any news. Plus, there are still plenty of offseason questions to debate so consider this some encouragement to continue with the great Fan Posts and comments on the issues surrounding the Pacers that aren't going anywhere.