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UPDATE: Roy Hibbert Hurts Knee Playing For Jamaican National Team

UPDATE: I reached out to Jordan Olivo from trying to get a better sense of Roy Hibbert's knee injury since it appeared through the translation that it wasn't severe. Jordan clarified the situation for me (in English) in an email, sharing what he heard from Jamaica's coach Sam Vincent (yes, that Sam Vincent).

The declarations of the team's coach Sam Vincent was that he is leaving to take an MRI because everybody got scared, the Pacers, Jamaica's Team and Hibbert himself.

He has a sore knee but we don't think is a big deal. Its more a precaution because of his future in the NBA. 

Let's hope it is indeed no big deal and Hibbert can ice that knee on the way home, have a clear MRI and then get back to work.


Just when we were having some fun watching the young Pacers playing well in summer league, some bad news pops up.

Big thanks to reader Brian who sent me the bad news that Roy Hibbert hurt his knee while playing with Jamaica in the Centrobasket Championships in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I was unable to find an account of the story in English, but through some translation it appears the playing surface was slick and Hibbert banged his knee. Roy's quote through an online translator from the report out of the Dominican Republic.

"I have injured the knee, return tomorrow or on Saturday to the United States to do me the magnetic resonance, I will not be able to play but in this tournament" said Hibbert to the Credits of minutes before the party between Jamaica and British Virgin Islands this Thursday. 

I'll take it as a good sign that he was talking about the injury and didn't appear to be in a rush to get home and have the MRI. Seriously, the hoop gods can't possibly be cruel enough to throw an extensive Hibbert knee injury on us at the end of this week in which we've watched the rookies show plenty of promise and heard rave reviews from Jim O'Brien about the progress Roy was making with his game. Not possible is it?