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Magnum Rolle Honored As First Grand Bahamian Selected In NBA Draft

How cool is this?

Grand Bahama is not a basketball hotbed so the locals are pretty psyched about native son, Magnum Rolle sneaking into the NBA draft and landing with the Indiana Pacers. Local dignitaries of the Bahamian island formally celebrated the accomplishment of Rolle during a ceremony at his old high school.

Magnum, P.F. (hey, he was named after the Tom Selleck character) called in to address the assembly and has his eyes set on loftier goals than just making the Pacers' regular season roster.

Magnum thanked all assembled for the recognition saying that "my goal is to be an All Star in a few short years, and the goal for this year is to push for Rookie of The Year." 

Sounds good to me. He has some work to do and so does the front office so they can create a spot on the roster for Rolle to pursue his goals with the blue and gold. But I have a feeling they will after watching the active big guy work in summer league. He has the potential to add some much-needed athleticism to the Pacers front court.

Also, there have been other players from other Bahama islands selected in the NBA. Both Mychal Thompson and Rick Fox were from Nassau, although I believe Fox was actually born in Canada but grew up in Nassau.