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Pelton: Review Of Free Agent Point Guards

Part of the Pacers revamped approach to scouting involves statistical analysis including advice from Kevin Pelton of Basketball Prospectus. Well, KP’s latest article at BP focuses on current free agent point guards and reads like the Pacers' wish list that has been floated out in the media.

Raymond Felton’s value appears to be gaining traction (warranted according to KP’s analysis) and may end up out of the Pacers’ price range unless they can work a sign and trade with Charlotte(and Felton agrees to said S&T). Kyle Lowry may end up being the best bet for backup/stop gap point guard this year. He’s only 24 so, much like Jordan Farmar, his best ball should be ahead of him.

If Lowry is the guy they want the Pacers should be willing to offer another year or two to their reported 1-year $3.5 million preference, especially since Houston can match any offer for Lowry. The current market is pushing salaries up so since the Pacers can't go up in salary, adding years when they will have cap space is the only way to add value.

So if landing Felton or Lowry doesn’t work out for the Pacers, which point guards among this year’s free agents do you think are worth risking a multi-year deal? Would you prefer the Pacers sit back and pick from what's left after other teams slow down the heavy spending?