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IC Cold Links: Summer League and Free Agency Week Lie Ahead

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Tomorrow starts the AirTran Airways Orlando Pro Summer League, a magical place in the city where magic is born, a place where free agents just hoping for a shot play with draft picks and young veterans hoping to make the right impression, all under the mockery of two commentators who’d rather do anything else. It is truly magical.

For the 2009 Orlando Summer League World Champion Indiana Pacers, this will be a great opportunity to see rookies Paul George and Magnum Rolle, probably rookie Lance Stephenson, and not so much a rookie Josh McRoberts team up with a lot of guys who may impress, but have a very slim chance of actually making the team. It’ll be hard to improve on last year’s 5-0 record, but don’t count these guys out, as the Pacers tip off tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. EST against Daniel Orton and the Orlando Magic. All games will be aired on NBA TV, so by all means, tune in if you can!

In other league news, the free agency cup is expected to flow over this week, as you can expect many of the big names in the pool to find new homes or old homes. LeBron James seems set to wait to see how the landscape shakes out before coming to a decision this week, Dwyane Wade likes all of his options, and Chris Bosh just wants to open his Christmas present already.

Given that this bravado is unlike anything the league has ever seen before, I can’t help but wonder if anything will be put in place to prevent this circus act from happening again. It seems campy from an outsider’s perspective, but maybe the attention is positive for the league even if the actual happenings are a bit tabloid. It seems like you should be visiting your local newsstand and seeing NBA Today sitting next to People and National Enquirer. Regardless of your feelings, this week should cap the frenzy, since as reported by The Onion, we should start to have a pretty good idea where LeBron will be playing once he signs his deal.

After the jump, some summer league links, free agency chatter, and the juicy contract the Pacers are offering any available PG.