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Pacers In No Hurry To Sign Magnum Rolle

The Indiana Pacers don't appear to be in any rush to sign rookie second-rounder Magnum Rolle despite all indications making his signing seem like a formality.

By signing Magnum, P.F. the Pacers would have a full 15 players under contract, none of which would be a point guard to fill the void left by Earl Watson. Of course, there doesn't seem to be an option to fill the void at PG that would trump signing Rolle unless done through a trade. After Lance Stephenson was signed it seemed the next order of business would be to pass the pen to Rolle. So what's the hold up?

Fred Sturrup at The Freeport Times was wondering the same thing (I'm lovin' The Freeport Times by the way) and inquired with David Benner who responded by preaching patience.

"He will be invited to training camp. I anticipate he will be signed before camp. We like how he played in the rookie camp and also what he showed in the Summer League. He is here in Indianapolis, working out on his own. There is a reasonable chance he will be with us when the season opens," said Benner.

That's a pretty nice way of saying, "Chill out, man, it's not even August yet!" Good point.

Light link day as I'm scrambling back out to the Little League field this morning. But here's an updated blog post from Paul George. If you see any other stories of interest please add the links in the comments.