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George Highlights Day Two As Pacers' Summer Camp Gets Rolle-in'

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Nothing but glowing reports from the Fieldhouse on Friday day two of the Indiana Pacers summer camp practices.

Bruno has it all covered in his report on the day, in which Jim O'Brien can't say enough nice things about Magnum Rolle, the Pacers' late second round acquisition who has proven to be a potential diamond in the rough teams are looking for late in the second round.

Rolle's age certainly played a part in his draft stock remaining low since he is a year older than Josh McRoberts. But whether he's 20, 24 or 28, Rolle's still long and athletic and could add some versatility to the Pacers' front court if he keeps developing and secures a spot on the roster. Although, such lofty praise from JOB has me suspicious. Maybe the coach is just trying to keep the embers burning under McRoberts. Just another interesting angle to look for in next week's games down in Orlando.

First round pick, Paul George definitely provided the eye candy from today's scrimmage and also earned some positive words from JOB for his effort in the scrimmage. The video after the jump has extensive highlights from the scrimmage. George's steal and 360 dunk at about the 3:10 mark and his contested step-back jumper to beat the shot clock at around the 5:30 mark should be classified as summer league porn.

Bad news of the day is that Lance Stephenson didn't survive day one, sitting out Friday with a foot injury. Really hope Born Ready is, well, ready to play in Orlando. Also after the jump, a few more links of interest from camp and around the NBA.