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Pacers' Preference To Deal Dunleavy, Ford

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I've read nearly every word Mike Wells has written about the Pacers since he started covering the team. I'm not proud of this, but it's the life I choose to lead.

So when I read Wellsie's blog post about the Pacers putting Mike Dunleavy and T.J. Ford atop their trade priority list it generated a, hmmm.

I realize we're in the dog days of the offseason, but reporting that Dunleavy and Ford are on the trading block is pretty obvious which makes me believe that there is more meat to this story (as in, the team may be close to moving Dunleavy) that just can't be reported yet.

Certainly, the Pacers can't  package the combined $19 million in expiring contracts of Dun and T.J. for one player. Such a package would instead likely net a rummage sale-style collection of players and contracts, most of which the Pacers would have to release due to roster limitations, and the Pacers have shown no interest in making such a deal for the sake of making a deal.

So what else?

Hearing talk of moving Dunleavy is surprising only because I assumed teams would want to see Dun play this year to make sure he his knee was progressing and hadn't flat-lined last year. Assuming scouts of trading partners have witnessed the reportedly "impressive" offseason workouts by Dunleavy, that may be enough for a wing-needy team to inquire about his services.

Off the top of my head, a deal for Kirk Hinrich would work out and fill a need for both Washington and the Pacers. Although, the Wiz just dealt for Hinrich and had a big media event to officially introduce Hinrich as part of the team. Plus, they just signed Josh Howard, so from that standpoint, the timing doesn't seem right.

What other deals make sense if you assume Dunleavy's health makes him a viable trade option before the season?

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