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Stephen Jackson Knows How To Make A Sincere Statement With Style

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Primary colors are said to make a power statement for men dressed for success. But what color expresses sincerity?

Phil Richards profiled local defense attorney to the stars, Jim Voyles in Sunday's Indy Star. Voyles is most famous for trying to defend Mike Tyson, but has also represented several local athletic luminaries from Bob Knight and Larry Bird to Steven Jackson and Jamaal Tinsley.

Voyles shared a great story about Stephen Jackson preparing to make a strong impression in a hearing with David Stern after the brawl in Detroit.

"I think people get the wrong perception sometimes. I mean everyone I've represented has really been easy for me to deal with, been good clients, but we work really hard at making sure they do the right things."

That's what Voyles tried to do when he went to New York with Indiana Pacers forward Stephen Jackson after the brawl in Detroit in 2004. Voyles was determined to make a good impression during a hearing with NBA commissioner David Stern, who would determine the length of Jackson's suspension.

No gold, no spangles, no jewelry, Voyles directed; dress conservatively.

"I get up the next morning and he comes out wearing a butterscotch suit," Voyles recalled. "I said: 'What about our talk last night?'

"He said, 'Jim, this is my "sincere" suit.' "

Jackson was suspended for 30 games.

So, maybe we should scratch the color butterscotch for expressing sincerity. Actually, this anecdote shouldn't refute the power of butterscotch since David Stern was set on sitting Jack and ruining the Pacers' season before they landed in New York. Jack could've shown up in his jock strap and Stern would've laid the 30-game suspension on him.

Here's the list of local athletes Voyles has represented over the years.