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Shawne Williams Arrested...Again

Shawne Williams needs to quit going back to Memphis. In fact, it might be time to relocate, gather some new friends and try to figure out this whole life thing.

Williams was arrested Friday afternoon with fellow former Memphis Tiger Kareem Cooper. The charges Williams added to what has become a prodigious rap sheet included driving with a suspended license and possession of marijuana and a loaded gun.

All this because he didn't take the time to put on his seat belt which caused the police to pull him over. After getting a run with Charlotte during the Orlando Summer League a few weeks ago, I'm assuming this will ruin any hopes Williams had of returning to the NBA this season.

The linked story has a nice recap of Williams' prior legal and bone-head offenses that have left him without a team. Check them out after the jump.

Indeed, the rap sheet for Williams is long:

-- Indiana suspended him three games after he was arrested when police found marijuana in the SUV he was driving.
-- He left early from a Pacers game when a murder suspect in Tennessee was arrested shortly after leaving Williams' suburban Indianapolis home.
-- Police arrested a passenger in Williams' car for marijuana possession, a move that led the Pacers to trade Williams to Dallas.
-- He appeared in just 15 games over two seasons and was told essentially to stay away from the Mavericks because of behavioral issues.
-- The Mavericks traded Williams to New Jersey in January, but he was quickly waived after coach Kiki Vandeweghe said he was "way out of shape."
-- Hours later, Williams was indicted in Memphis on eight counts of possession and conspiracy to sell a codeine-based syrup.