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Pacers Commit At Least Three Years To Lance Stephenson

The Indiana Pacers' front office made a detail-free announcement that they signed second-round pick Lance Stephenson, which forced Jeff Rabjohns to do the beat reporter two-step and ask Stephenson's agent for the specifics.

Rabjohns did just that, talking with Stephenson's agent Al Ebanks who expressed satisfaction with the commitment shown by both the team and player.

According to Rabjohns' report, the Pacers locked up Stephenson for three years with an option for a fourth year.

The contract is for three years with an option for a fourth, according to a source. Stephenson will make $700,000 the first year, $800,000 the second, possibly more with incentives.

I'm a big fan of incentive-laden contracts. Also, it's not clear which side has the fourth-year option, but I have to assume it is the team which would make it comparable to the fourth year a rookie first-rounder.