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Danny Granger Sits Out Team USA Scrimmage With Bruised Shin

John Schuhmann's latest report from Team USA's training camp in Las Vegas included this lovely passage on Danny Granger sitting out the team's scrimmage this afternoon.

Don’t worry about guys who didn’t play. Again, this was just the last scrimmage of the day. Although Tyreke Evans sat out the entire day with a sore ankle and Danny Granger sat out the scrimmage portion with a bruised shin. Both may be back in action tomorrow.

Ahhh! A bruise! That's it, pack it up and head home Danny.

Whoa, excuse me while I gather my senses.

Hopefully the bruise is just that, something gathered during practice earlier in the day, and not some euphemism for a strain injury due to overuse. I really want Granger to make the final 12-man roster but being able exhale after he finishes without injury whenever he's done is far more important. 

With that in mind, I'll be paying close attention to make sure Granger does indeed return to practice tomorrow.