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Indiana Pacers Sign Lance Stephenson To Multi-Year Deal

Lance Stephenson fell to the Pacers in the second round on draft night and after living up to the team's lofty expectations in summer league, the Pacers announced today that they signed Stephenson to a multi-year contract.

Stephenson's signing fills out the 15-man roster with players under contract. That list doesn't include fellow second-rounder, Magnum Rolle. The team has shown every indication that they would also like to keep Rolle, but that will require a move of some sort to make room on the roster. UPDATE: Thanks to commenters for correcting my math. There is currently one more spot on the roster for Magnum P.F. I've been mentally using up that last spot for a point guard to replace Earl Watson.

A.J. Price and Josh McRoberts don't have guaranteed contracts and would be the obvious quick fix to make room for Magnum P.F  additional point guard help, except the team seems to hold both young players in high regard. Plus, their both cheap for the time being. Still, something has to give so it will interesting to see what happens over the next eight weeks.

No terms were disclosed so we'll have to wait to see how many years the Pacers signed Stephenson for, but since he's still just 19 years old, the multi-year deal is a risk worth taking.