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Danny Granger, Team USA Get To Work In Vegas

Danny Granger seems to be flying under the radar with USA Basketball as Team USA tipped off training camp yesterday in Las Vegas.

The big story of the day was Amare Stoudemire being forced to pull out of camp and David Lee injuring his finger. Aside from that the focus of coverage seems to be on the young players trying to make their mark (Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Rudy Gay) or older vets trying to help out (Lamar Odom, Chauncey Billups).

After looking over the potential rosters and watching some of the practice coverage last night, I'll be surprised if Granger doesn't make the final 12-man roster. His length and versatility on the wing are well-suited for the International game and the shorter 3-point line is right in his wheelhouse. He should be quite valuable utilizing those skills in a supporting role where he doesn't have to carry the offense.

Plus, his game should be closer to what we saw two years ago as opposed to much of last season since I'm assuming he's 100 percent healthy this summer. Check that, he has to be 100 percent healthy otherwise he wouldn't be in Vegas in the first place. So with those factors in mind it will be disappointing if Granger doesn't show himself worthy of making the roster.

After the jump, plenty of links of interest with stories on Team USA camp, free agent updates and Butler's Willie Veasley working for an invite to Pacers' training camp.