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The First Free Agent Point Guard Is Gone, Sergio Rodriguez Heads Back To Spain

The NBA's Free Agent period is in full swing, and today the first point guard was taken off the market. Serigo Rodriguez, most recently of the New York Knicks has reportedly agreed to a 3-year deal with Real Madrid, sending him back to his native Spain. Rodriguez hasn't been linked to the Pacers' point guard search in any meaningful way, but it's one less option available.

Several other free agents have reportedly agreed to deals including Joe Johnson with the Hawks, John Salmons with the Bucks, Channing Frye and Hakim Warrick with the Suns, Amir Johnson with the Raptors, and Paul Pierce with the Celtics. As several other Eastern Conference teams actively work the market, one hopes the Pacers have something up their sleeves in the way of a trade or signing.

Rob Mahoney at ProBasketballTalk discussed the Pacers off-season situation today, and touched on the team's rumored interest in Jordan Farmar and Kyle Lowry. In a more general, but still interesting post, a reader at the Wages of Wins used Wins Produced to create a "Free Agent Cheat Sheet." This system really likes Kyle Lowry, Jordan Farmar, not so much.

Summer League plays starts on Monday. Tune in and check out Paul George and the rest of the rookie crop. Enjoy the holiday weekend everyone!