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Defending Brandon Rush's Defense, Ranking The NBA Free Agents, Positive CIB Report

Here are a couple of items I missed last night that are all about the numbers.

For starters, at Levy's home site he took a second look at Brandon Rush's defensive numbers now that the dust of the season has settled and decided Rush deserves more credit than he initially thought when compared to other good NBA defenders.

What I put together below is a list of wing players with strong defensive reputations. I took the 4 wings from the NBA All-Defensive Teams and then added the next 6 top vote-getters. For each player and each possession category (Isolation, Pick and Roll Ball Handler, Post-Up, Pick and Roll Man, Spot-Up, Off-Screen, Hand Off, and Overall) you can see the number of possessions they defended, the Points per Possession allowed, the FG% allowed, and the TO% they forced.

Check out the numbers.

For more numbers on the current crop of free agents, check out Kevin Pelton's analysis which ranks the varying levels of available free agents. Since Pelton also consults with the Pacers, it's always interesting to see how he evaluates player value.

Finally, the IBJ reports on an audit of the CIBwhich shows the financial outlook improving for the agency looking to take over operations of Conseco Fieldhouse.a