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NBA Free Agents Getting Paid, Pacers Open Summer Camp

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Day one of NBA free agent negotiations and the Indiana Pacers' summer camp is in the books and there's plenty of stories flying around about both.

Joe Johnson for 6 years at $119 million?

Rudy Gay for 5 years at $80 plus million?

Didn't take long for the big money to start flying and we haven't even touched on LeBron James or Dwyane Wade, yet, let alone Channing Frye and Darko Milicic. My goodness, that seems like a big roll of the dice with a lot of caps space on the line for Atlanta and Memphis.

When these numbers starting crossing the ticker today my first thought was how sweet it was that the Pacers locked up Danny Granger before his All Star season. Fortunately, Jared Wade had the same thought and laid it all out perfectly comparing Granger's salary value to similar players around the league.

It should be interesting to see which players are left standing when the money runs out. I'm assuming it will run out. Might be some deals to be had late in the process. Maybe Herb Simon can take on Elin Woods as a part owner of the Pacers to help him cover some luxury tax spending.

Speaking of the Pacers, Jim O'Brien tipped off summer camp at the Fieldhouse today and there's lots of great local coverage, starting with some clips of the Summer Pacers' initial scrimmage. First, itty bitty impression of Paul George was that he looked like an overwhelmed rookie in his first practice. Doesn't mean it was a bad day for George, at least he got paid after inking his rookie contract with the Pacers.

After the jump, plenty of links from camp and free agency coverage.