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Greg Oden's Knee Ready For Training Camp, Hi-Top Still Needs Rehab

Former Lawrence North legend and current Portland Trail Blazer, Greg Oden was in the house on Saturday night for the Indiana Black Expo/Reggie Wayne charity basketball game at Conseco Fieldhouse.

ISN's Ken Sothman snuck in an interview with Oden in which he downplayed his high school dominance at the Fieldhouse where he was part of three straight state titles. Oden also affirmed the fact that his knee is healing as planned and that he expects to be ready for training camp. This isn't news, but I'm sure Portland fans can't verify that point enough this summer.

Actually, while I'm hopeful that Oden can play for many years to come and find NBA success, nothing Oden said was newsworthy. It's what he didn't say that drew me to this interview. That scraggly hi-top fade, well, hi-top anyway, demands attention and at least a little fade by training camp. The current look reminds me of Moses Scurry in Richard The Fixer's hot tub. Hopefully G.O. can add a half inch-to-inch of extra growth to that 'do by the start of the season, tighten it up and he'll be ready to roll.