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IC Cold Links: Granger Reports To Vegas For USA Basketball Camp

Danny Granger reports to USA Basketball training camp today in Las Vegas where workouts begin in earnest tomorrow.

Granger is one of 21 NBA players looking to make the 12-man roster for the FIBA World Championships in late August. This is Granger's first experience with USA Basketball so I'm looking forward to seeing how he shows up in the workouts. Even though all of the top-level talent from the Olympic gold medal team is sitting this one out, Granger will have to shine this week to make the trip to Istanbul, Turkey on the final roster.

After a quick survey of the roster, I'd say Granger has to be one of two players selected among a group of wing players that includes Rudy Gay, Lamar Odom, Andre Iguodala, Jeff Green and Gerald Wallace. I'm making an assumption that Kevin Durant will be on the roster with two other wings from the group mentioned above. There are other factors involved as well, for instance, players like Andre Iguodala have been participate with USA Basketball in the past so that may give him a boost from day one.

Regardless, it will be interesting to see what Granger can take away from Vegas (and hopefully Istanbul) to improve his impact on the Indiana Pacers. Last season was a struggle for Granger, not only because of the losses, but he also dealt with injury for two-thirds of the season. He didn't deal with either particularly well, so being around other young team leaders around the league this week should have a positive impact.

More importantly, I'm assuming Granger is 100 percent healthy otherwise he wouldn't be participating. So he has a great chance to turn heads and ultimately show that he's ready to go next season and raise his game and ultimately the Pacers to another level.

After the jump, a few more links of interest including Granger talking team chemistry, Ramon Sessions rumors and the Pacers listed among the winners and losers from summer league.