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Jeff Foster Is Back And Ready To Play For Pacers

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Jeff Foster's back is almost back to normal and he's ready to get back on the court for the Indiana Pacers.

Foster joined former Pacers' beat writer and current NBA scribe/radio host, Mark Montieth for about an hour on air yesterday morning pronouncing himself fit and headed toward being ready to play full throttle by the time training camp rolls around. Foster played in only 16 games last season before shutting it down in mid-December and then eventually having back surgery in February. It wasn't an easy road back from surgery but Foster finally turned the corner and is now excited to join his teammates on the court again.

Foster's presence will be a nice boost for the young front-court players, especially in practice. Much easier to show the veteran-savvy-type little things that Magnum Rolle or Josh McRoberts need to be aware of and learn to utilize instead of just trying to tell them from the sidelines. Of course, the largest benefit from a healthy return by Foster will be his trade-deadline value for a title contender trying to shore up their front-court depth for the playoffs.

After making a living throwing himself at bigger bodies in the paint, Foster has played through varying levels of pain over the past couple of years so hopefully the surgery and time off have rejuvenated his body enough for a late push to finish his career strong.

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