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A Little Tyler Hansbrough Update, Pacers Talk Of The Town

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The Indiana Pacers have been the talk of Indianapolis the past few days with plenty of chatter around the Pacers' deal with the CIB to help run Conseco Fieldhouse.

Among all of the talk, Mark Montieth did a little reporting on the status of Tyler Hansbrough by checking in with Hansbrough's father, who is a doctor, to see if he had an update on his son's health. Dr. Dad deferred the details, not wanting to speak for the Pacers' doctors, plus there's the whole HIPPA thing, but he did offer Montieth a general positive response to share with the public. Bottom line is, he felt confident that Tyler would be ready to go once camp started and he's been working out this summer. This verifies what the what folks with the Pacers have been saying this summer while trying to say nothing definitive.

After the jump, a few links of interest including tons of podcasts as Larry Bird and Mayor Ballard made the radio rounds yesterday. Includes an interesting discussion about T.J. Ford and Danny Granger between Dan Dakich and Bird. Also, scratch Kyle Lowry from the list of potential point guards for the Pacers.