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IC Cold Links: Keeping An Eye On Bobcats And Raptors Deal; Pacers' CIB Deal Roundup

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Keep an eye on Charlotte today.

The Bobcats have been a team to monitor this summer since they expressed an interest in T.J. Ford at the trade deadline last year. With Raymond Felton joining the New York Knicks, the Bobcats remain a plausible destination for the Pacers' point guard. As fate would have it, his Ford's old running mate in Toronto may beat him out for the spot with the Bobcats.

Yesterday, reports surfaced that Toronto and Charlotte were closing in on a deal to send Boris Diaw and Tyson Chandler to the Raptors in exchange for point guard Jose Calderon, Reggie Evans and some part of a trade exception the Raptors have from Chris Bosh's departure for Miami. This morning, there's a glimmer of hope (hope that the Pacers' are making a push behind the scenes to involve T.J.) because Michael Jordan is reportedly having second thoughts and holding out for more in return.

If the deal goes through, there might still be hope depending on how much of a trade exception the Bobcats receive. I'm talking about a dream scenario where the Pacers' take advantage of Larry Brown's impatience with young point guards and the Pacers trade Ford for Augustin and enough of the trade exception to make up the deal work. The Pacers get a healthy point guard with a TEAM option next year, so if he works out you bring him back on the cheap, if not, no problem. Then you have a trade exception that doesn't take up a roster spot to sweeten any other deals for expiring contracts.

This would require a major push from Larry Brown to think he can handle two veteran point guards who battled for playing time together in Toronto. Plus, they'd have about $18 million tied up in the point next year. Hey, I said it was a dream scenario. If nothing else, Toronto fans would enjoy following the situation.

After the jump, a few links of interest including stories and chatter about the Pacers' CIB deal and other free agent news.

How will CIB pay for for $33.5M deal with Pacers?
Frecesca Jarosz digs into the numbers from the CIB to see where the money will come from for the deal. Fortunately the CIB is on better financial footing than when this whole discussion started last year.

Hibbert won't miss work
Indy Star report on Roy Hibbert's knee and other NBA notes including several Pacers conducting clinics around town.

Pacers $30,000,000 Deal With City Keeps Franchise in Indy for 3 Years
Russ McQuaid reports on the CIB deal.

Check out some local podcast for discussions with business journalists on the CIB deal. JMV spoke with Gerry Dick yesterday and Mark Patrick talked with Anthony Shoettle and Gerry Dick

James, Cavs saga leaves all involved looking the worse for it
Bob Kravitz closes the book on LeBron's decision. 

Jose Calderon trade would address Charlotte Bobcats' gap at point guard
Rick Bonnell is tracking Charlotte's offseason activity. Jazz close to acquiring Al Jefferson from Wolves
David Aldridge reports on Utah closing in on a deal to land Al Jefferson from Minnesota for their Carlos Boozer trade exception.

Udoh Surgery on Wednesday to Repair Torn Ligament
Marcus Thompson has the bummer news for rookie Ekpe Udoh who will be out 4-6 months.

David Stern Sounds Off on LeBron Quarrel; Potential Lockout Looms -- NBA FanHouse
Sam Amick reports on the commissioner's, ahem, stern words for all of the LeBron happenings last week.