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More Pacers Assistant Coaching News: Lester Conner Leaving, Walter McCarty Interviewing

I mentioned earlier that  the rumored addition of Walter McCarty wasn't an indication of a coaching staff shake up since there was an opening to replace Dick Harter.

Well, this is.

Mike Wells tweets that lead assistant, Lester Conner will not be back with the Pacers next season. In the midst of a horrible stretch of the season in early February, the Pacers played one of their better games of the year when Conner filled in as head coach while Jim O'Brien attended a family funeral. He made it known at the time that he's his own man with his own coaching style and philosophies despite his many years on the bench with JOB.

Maybe Conner has a chance to spread those coaching wings and put his philosophies to the test. Or maybe he feels he's spent enough time in the assistant's chair next to JOB. Since JOB prefers to be the dominant voice in practice, Conner may be looking for a more influential role.

Or maybe Conner is just getting out while he can assuming JOB is indeed in his final year with the Pacers. Although, I always figured if things went south again and JOB was let go during the season, Conner would be the first choice as an interim coach which wouldn't be an ideal situation but still would count as an oppotunity to coach in the NBA.

Whatever the reason, Conner's strong and energetic personality will need to be replaced.

Also, Rick Pitino released a statement on the status of his still-assistant coach Walter McCarty saying McCarty is interviewing with the Pacers but no decisions have been made by either party involved.