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Are The Pacers Ready To Fill Out Coaching Staff?

Appears to be some buzz coming out of the University of Louisville that current assistant coach Walter McCarty is prepping to head north to join his former coach Jim O'Brien as an assistant coach for the Indiana Pacers. With Dick Harter's departure after last season, McCarty's arrival would fill out the coaching staff so this wouldn't indicate a larger shake-up among the coaching staff.

This might be considered a gutsy move by McCarty since JOB is in the final year of his contract with his job clearly on the line heading into next season. But if McCarty wants to get some NBA coaching experience this is an opportunity he had to take. Plus, if the Pacers' defense turns around he can claim the credit and become the next Tom Thibodeau. Oops, I'm sorry, my mind just wandered into dream scenarios.

Yes, this is just speculation so far and not official (I'm sure Mike Wells will let us know if and when it is official or not) but it does make sense when you consider JOB's history with McCarty. The Evansville Harrison grad played at Kentucky when JOB was an assistant to Rick Pitino and the Wildcats won the NCAA title in1996. McCarty also played under JOB when he was the head coach of the Boston Celtics.

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